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Diamond F-3000 LF3 Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Diamond F-3000 (LF3) is a new fiber optic connector system with a number of different products based on its standard F-3000 models. all the F-3000 fiber cable family has the same feature of the compatibility to LC and the retained features as you see on traditional E-2000, while there are F-3000 simplex and F-3000 duplex, F-3000 ODVA for harsh environment, F-3000 power solutions, F-3000 S/RS for FTTx, and quick terminable F-3000.

F-3000 simplex fiber cable F-3000 Simplex Fiber Optic Patch Cables
F-3000 fiber optic patch cables are made based on F-3000 simplex fiber optic connectors. The F-3000 is designed to answer the needs of a small form factor connector for the fast developing fiber optic networks. F3000 keeps many features of the already known E-2000 fiber connectors, but F-3000 has another important feature- it is fully compatible with the popular used LC connectors.Simplex F-3000 fiber optic cables are made compatible to IEC 61 754-20 compliant adapters. F-3000 has another name to identify it, the LF3. because F-3000 is compatible to LC, it has big potential to replace many existed LC connections, to achieve better performance and more reliable fiber optic connections. Today the F-3000 fiber optic products family has many different products, such as F-3000 PS, F-3000 R and F-3000 RS, F-3000 backplane, F-3000 ODVA etc. F-3000 is becoming a rising star in the fiber optic products market.
f-3000 duplex fiber cable F-3000 Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cables
F-3000 duplex fiber optic patch cords are used in various FTTx applications, such as fiber optic the home, fiber optic the desk, etc., it is a combination of 2 simplex F-2000 connectors by a simple metallic bridge and an extended thumb latch cover. F-3000, also called LF3 fiber connectors, are with extremely low optical loss and spring-loaded metal protection shutters.Duplex F-3000 fiber optic patch cables use 1.25mm small form ferrules and push pull design, it does not need additional dust caps, operation is simply plug and play. F-3000 duplex fiber patch cables and connectors are single mode and multimode versions, with UPC and APC polished connectors. we supply the F-3000 fiber connectors, cable assemblies and F-3000 fiber optic adapters. F3000 is compatible with all IEC 61 754-20 compliant fiber optic components.
f-3000 odva fiber cableF-3000 ODVA Fiber Optic Patch Cables
F-3000 ODVA fiber optic cables are IP67-rated rugged cables, they are used in FTTA, industrial, military, and many similar indoor/ outdoor harsh environments.  F-3000 fiber patch cables are duplex type cables, the connector features its spring loaded metal protection shutter and high precision fiber ferrules, ODVA F-3000 is available in both single mode and multimode versions with custom cables. because of the F-3000 compatibility to IEC small form factor connectors, it can be used to replace the existed LC fiber optic connectors. F-3000 cable products are fully compatible with LC but much better than LC. Please choose your ODVA F-3000 or standard F-3000 fiber patch cables and let us know your requirement today. We are ready to serve with the quality F-3000 fiber cables for your projects.
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