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Fiber Optic Patch Cable Cord

Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cable Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cable
We supply various kinds of multimode fiber optic patch cables that are widely used in telecommunications, data processing and FTTX projects. Our multimode fibre patch cables feature the good looking, competitive prices and prompt delivery. The multimode patch cables types we offer include SC, LC, ST, FC, MTRJ, MU, E2000, etc.
Single mode Fiber Optic Patch Cable Single mode Fiber Optic Patch Cable
Our single mode duplex LC SC fiber optic patch cables are used in fiber optic communications filed, they are with typical 9/125 single mode fiber, with Riser, Plenum and RoHS standards optional. Our duplex single mode SC LC fiber patch cables are fully compatible to use with equipment from other suppliers, these products are reliable quality and good prices with prompt delivery.
Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cables Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cable
Armored fiber optic patch cables are used in harsh environment; they are designed with special structure to give extra protection to the cable. We have armored fiber optic patch cables for both indoor and outdoor applications.
10 Gigabit Fiber Optic Patch Cable OM3 10 Gigabit Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cable
We supply OM3 10Gfiber optic patch cables which are used for 10Gigabit Ethernet applications. These cables are also called multimode OM3 10G Aqua fiber optic cables. Our OM3 10Gcables are various types including different connector types, cable structure and cable length.
fiber optic loopbackFiber Optic Loopback Cable
We supply various kinds of single mode fiber optic loopback cable and multimode fiber optic loopback cables, these products are with different connectors including ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, MTRJ, etc.
Multi Fiber Optic Patch Cable Custom Multi Fiber Cable Assemblies
We are manufacturer of custom fiber optic cable assemblies. Our custom fiber optic cables include not only the simplex and duplex types but the multi fiber cable assemblies which combine the function and ability of several individual cables into one single and convenient to use cable.
mode conditioning cablesMode Conditioning Cables
We supply various kinds of mode conditioning fiber optic patch cables; they are with optional length and connector types as well as cable structure.Our mode conditioning patch cords fiber cables are SC, LC, ST, FC, MTRJ, etc terminations.

We supply various kinds of fiber optic patch cables, types including SC, LC, ST, FC, MU, MTRJ, E2000, SMA, MTP/MPO, etc. these fiber optic patch cables are available in single mode and multimode versions, with custom length and cable colors. Our fiber patch cables are competitive prices and fast delivery.

Fiber optic patch cables are used to link between the equipment in fiber optic communications, they are actually a piece of fiber optic cable terminated with connectors at each end of the cable. So the fiber patch cables names have much to do with the connectors and the cables. For example, a LC SC single mode duplex 9/125 5 meters Rizer fiber optic patch cable, here the LC and SC are the names of the connectors. Single mode 9/125 is the optical fiber specifications, duplex is the cable structure. Rizer is the fire resistant standard. 5 meters is the cable length. Fiber optic patch cables are also called fiber optic jumpers or fiber optic patch leads, fiber optic patch cords.

Because fiber optic connectors are many types, the fiber patch cables are also many types based on these connectors. There are UPC and APC type fiber optic connectors; they are with different polished ferrules inside the connectors. For each fiber patch cord, all connectors should be either single mode type or multimode type, to use accordingly with the optical fiber type as in the cable. There can be single mode UPC and single mode APC connectors on the same SMF patch cord, but for multimode, there is only UPC type connectors and thus only multimode UPC fiber patch cords. Based on the cable structure, there is simplex fiber patch cable, which only has one strand of optical fiber inside the single jacket. Duplex fiber patch cable can be regarded as two simplex types joint side by side. Multi fiber patch cables have many optical fibers inside the single cable jacket.

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