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FTTH indoor cables, FTTH drop cables, FTTH duct cables, Non-metal Strength member Central Loose Tube FTTH Outdoor Cables, we make a wide range of the FTTH cables for both indoor and outdoor applications, and they are with competitive prices, excellent quality and fast delivery. These cables replaces the commonly used copper wires of the local Telco as it can carry high-speed broadband services integrating voice, data and video, and runs directly to the junction box at the home or building.

ftth indoor cableFTTH indoor cables
We supply SC fiber optic loopback connectors for test applications. These products are single mode type and multimode types, they are with custom cable length and cable outer diameter. Typical SC fiber optic loopback connector is with PC polished ferrules.
ftth drop cableFTTH drop cable
The FTTH drop cables are with flame retardant cable jacket and with supporting wire, this cable has strengthen members inside for supporting the whole body. The drop ftth optical fiber cable is with special structure to easily pull the fibers out from the cables, the FTTH drop cables are ideal to use for direct installation into the rooms, especially good for being used in homes and offices..
ftth duct cables FTTH duct cable
FTTH duct cables are made for connecting user's devices with outdoor feeder cable, especially suitable for duct installation. The optical fiber unit is located in the center. Two parallel strength members are placed at two sides of the cable. The cable is with a jacket to become FTTH Drop Cable. Then FTTH Drop Cable is joint with waterproof tape, AL-plastic tape and outer jacket.
ftth non metal cables FTTH Non-metal Central Loose Tube Outdoor Cable
The loose tube filled with grease providing special protection for the fiber. The filling compound has the water resistant ability. The two parallel FRP strength member have an excellent anti-electromagnet capability and help enhance the tensile strength. The cable is made with the LSZH (LSZH, Low smoke, Zero halogen) material jacket, which has good flame retardant performance and is Rohs compliant.
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