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GBIC Transceivers

cisco ws g5483 gbic Cisco WS G5483 GBIC
Cisco WS G5483 GBIC is a Gigabit rate transceiver that connects a GBIC port to Category 5 wiring via a standard RJ-45 interface. WS G5483 is also called a 1000Base T GBIC or copper GBIC. We supply Cisco WS G5483 equivalent transceivers.
cisco ws g5484 gbic Cisco WS G5484 GBIC
We supply Cisco WS G5484 GBIC equivalent transceiver. WS G5484 works via multimode fiber spans up to 550 meters. This fiber optic transceiver can work with typical 62.5/125 or 50/125 MMF using 850nm wavelength.
cisco ws g5486 gbic Cisco WS G5486 GBIC
Cisco WS G5486 GBIC is a multimode GBIC transceiver. WS G5486 is Cisco 1000Base LX/LH GBIC that works with 1310nm wavelength. We supply WS G5486 equivalent GBIC transceivers.
cisco ws g5487 gbic Cisco WS G5487 GBIC
Cisco WS G5487 GBIC is a single mode transceiver that works via 1550nm wavelength. Its max working distance is 100km. WS G5487 is Cisco 1000base ZX Gigabit interface converter. We supply the WS G5487 equivalent GBIC transceivers.
cisco cwdm gbic transceiver Cisco CWDM GBIC Transceiver
Cisco CWDM GBIC are a series of pluggable Gigabit rate transceivers that can be used on the GBIC ports on the equipment to link with the fiber optic networks. We supply Cisco CWDM GBIC equivalent transceivers.

GBIC, the short form of gigabit interface converter, is a fiber optic component used to transform between electric signals and optical fiber signals. Cisco GBIC fiber transceiver is an international acknowledged standard as described by SFF Committee in document SFF-8053. Common Cisco GBIC fiber optic transceivers use dual SC optical fiber interface. It can fit to the GBIC slot on the switches or routers, Cisco GBIC transceiver is fully hot swappable equipment.

We supply various kinds of Cisco GBIC fiber optic transceivers equivalent  products, there are single mode GBIC, multimode GBIC and copper GBIC. We have CWDM GBIC transceivers that are with different operation wavelength. All of our Cisco GBIC fiber optic transceivers equivalent products are compliant to industrial standard and they are compatible to use with equipment from companies including Cisco.

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