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FOSM GLARO LEAD 4.8 FXS LCD-FXS LCD 10 M - 1-2061896-0

FullAXS duplex cable FOSM GLARO LEAD 4.8 FXS LCD-FXS LCD 10 M - 1-2061896-0 is a sealing system for optical and electrical interfaces which mates directly into the SFP modules through a bulkhead construction. The 3-step sealing system is designed to accommodate for a large tolerance in Z-direction and therefore accepts different transceiver modules.

FOSM GLARO LEAD 4.8 FXS LCD-FXS LCD 10 M - 1-2061896-0 Features
Ruggedised sealing system for fiber-to-the-antenna and industrial applications
Open bulkhead for easy access to SFP
Positive mechanical feedback to operator when fully mated
Duplex LC interface
Robust bayonet locking for easy, fast, and secure mating
Waterproof (IP65), dust proof and corrosion resistant
Expansion to RJ45 and power possible

FOSM GLARO LEAD 4.8 FXS LCD-FXS LCD 10 M - 1-2061896-0 Specifications
System    FullAXS
Fiber Diameter (µm)    9/125 µm
Boot Color (Right)    Blue
Cable Type    FOCAB
Boot Color (Left)    Blue
Number of Fibers    2
Exit Angle to Exit Angle    180° to 180°
Outside Cable Diameter    4.8 mm
Connector Color (End B)    Blue
Connector Color (End A)    Blue
Cable Color    Black
Fiber Channel    No
MPO Cable Assembly    No
Product Type    Cable Assembly
Boot Type (Right)    Bend Limiting
Fiber Optic Cable, 2 Fold - Thermoplastic, Flame Retardant, Halogen Free, Black.
Overmoulded Drop Protection - PA, Black
Overmoulded LC Duplex Plug Assembly
Plug Protection Cap - Glass Filled PPS, UL 94 V-0, Black
Protection Cap Seal - Silicone rubber, Black
Cap Strap Assembly
Nylon Cord - PA, UL 94 V-0, Black
Ferrule - Sn Plated Cu
FullAXS Inner body - PA, UL 94 V-0, Black
FullAXS Wave spring - Stainless Steel
FullAXS O-ring - EPDM Rubber (silicone coated), Black
FullAXS Bayonet Shell - Glass Filled PPS, UL 94 V-0, Black
Overmould - PA, Black
Overmould O-ring - EPDM Rubber (silicone coated), Black
LC Connector Assembly
Dustcover - TPE, UL 94 V-0, Black
Ferrule Sub Assembly - Zirconia/Metal
Compression Spring - Stainless Steel
Housing - PEI, Blue
Inner Tubing - PTFE, Clear, UL VW-1
Rear Body - Aluminium
Duplex Clip - PC Blend, UL 94 V-0, Black
Heat Shrink Tubing - Polyolefin, Flame Retardant, Black / Yellow
Protective Tubing - TPU, Flame Retardant, Black
Limiting Bending Boot - PP, UL 94 V-0, Blue
EMI tube Assembly
EMI tube -BRASS(CuZn33), Plating CuSnZn 55/25/20
Protection ring - Glass Filled PBT, Black

Environment condition
Operating temperature: – 40°C to +70°C.
Storage temperature: – 25°C to +70°C.
Installation (assembly): – 15°C to +60°C.
Protection Rating: IP65; Mated to bulkhead as well as Plug protection cap.

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